About Corporate VIP

CorporateVIP is an exclusive invite only club for Employees, Working professionals, business owners and companies.

At CorporateVIP we think being happy at work shouldn’t be a luxury, but a given. With that in mind we created our Employee Perks scheme to help business owners thank their team for all their hard work, whilst making life easier and more cost-effective for employees.

We know a thing or two about negotiating the very best perks for your employee perks and incentive scheme and aim to help you save €100s on everyday costs and one-off spends.

Businesses owners and Corporates: Use CorporateVIP to reward and incentivise your employees and show appreciation for the hard work and loyalty your employees give to and your company. Employees: CorporateVIP gives you an opportunity to be part of an exclusive club with offers across 100s of local and national brands, your CorporateVIP card is your key to unlocking world-class savings for you and your family!

Contact our friendly team if you need any help navigating the site and redeeming benefits.