3 advantages of a reward platform

Today, there exist multiple ways to reward your employees. Yet, a reward platform results in a more productive workforce. How? Read this article and discover the advantages you could benefit from if you decide to join a certain programme.

1. Project that focusses on the long term

I’m pretty sure that every employee has given a reward to their employees at least once. This could have been an extra day off or a box of chocolate, a gift card, or maybe something else. And I’m also pretty sure that every employee loved that gesture from their employer. But, as certain as I am about those things, I have to say that I am also convinced that people could only benefit from those kinds of rewards for only a few days at most.
When joining a reward platform, mostly we are talking about having a membership on such kinds of services. This means that your employees could enjoy their rewards as much as they want, whenever and wherever they want for a certain period of time. This will lead to a higher engagement rate among your staff because they can reward themselves whenever they feel like it. Platforms focus on the long term instead of short term perks.
Don’t start freaking out about the fact that you assume joining such a community is going to be expensive. There are many options out there, you just have to inform yourself well and select the one that fits your company best.

2. Retain your staff

Since there is a lot of competition out there, it is very important to have a solid and strong reward and engagement platform to offer your employees. If not, they will be eager to give their notice and find a job in a company that does offer these things.
No one wants their top employees to walk out on them. Especially not since your company cannot exist without the help and input from your staff members. Don’t ever forget that!
I think this is enough motivation for you, as an employer, to introduce an engagement platform or programme to your employees. If not, you should read our other blogs to really get convinced.

3. Increase productivity

When employees feel good in their workplace they will perform their best. They will be happy to do what is asked from them because they want to prove themselves to their employer. Getting rewards for all their hard work will inspire them even more to perform better than expected. Gather as much information as possible, if you have questions ask them, after all you can’t know it if you don’t ask, right? And then my last advice is to just give it a shot!

Morgan Strauwen
Social media manager

Posted on Apr 26, 2018