Focus on the individual

Why is it so important to recognize your employees in an individual way? Why isn’t group recognition enough?

Well, we did some research and the answers to these major questions are explained in this article.

1. Individual recognition creates loyalty

When you recognize your employees for their individual work, they will become more engaged. This means they will continue to deliver the good work. And that will lead to an increase in productivity. Another benefit of recognizing staff members is that they feel more valued. Studies have shown that value becomes loyalty if it is there for the long-term. This last one is very important for every company because those employees will defend the company in case of bad publicity and only spread a good word-of- mouth.

2. Everyone is different

When showing appreciation to your workers in group, you have to standardise your recognition techniques. Remember not everyone is the same. Each person has a different view on the right way of being valued. This is why focussing on the individual desires and needs is important. If you worry more about the individual, the group will eventually benefit from this too.

3. Chances to grow

Investing time and money in unique people will allow them to grow. They get the chance to develop new skills. When employees are offered training programs to keep improving their knowledge your company will be boosted instantly. Highly educated staff members make sure any problem that occurs will be solved in no time. Simply because everyone knows how to approach the issue. The best strategy for companies is to use both individual and group recognition. Just make sure you implement the unique appreciation techniques on a more regular base.

Morgan Strauwen
Social media manager

Posted on May 16, 2018