SUNbreak festival

Party, friends, drinks and good music. Those are the keywords of a great evening. In other words, the perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself instead of working all day long. Thanks to G7 events, our members and we ourselves got free access to one of the biggest spring break events in Europe! Isn’t that terrific?!

Before the event a lot of preparations were necessary. We promoted the event among our members since it was the first event of this year organised by G7. Once we announced this deal to our members, they were really excited. In order to provide a great experience to our members, the collaboration between us and G7 events had to be as smoothly as possible. Both parties were eager to work together in order to provide a good time to everyone. The event was a big success, saying many of our members benefit from the deal and had an amazing weekend.

Our priority lays in giving employees the time off, they deserve so much for all their hard work but also in engaging employers to join the platform, so their employees can benefit from offers like this one. For those who still are questioning the advantages of an online reward platform; in our other blogs you will find a detailed explanation of all the benefits engaged employees bring to your company. An online platform is a way of recognising your team without using the basic tools to do so. You will see that productivity increases as benefits like these are given on a regular base. Since summer is just around the corner, more offers like this one are going to appear on the app and website. It is the perfect opportunity to get out with your colleagues and talk about something else than the usual office conversations.

For those who were not able to go out and join the party themselves, this post will provide you with all the information as if you were there as well. So, let’s start. The first day, the place to be was in Uno village. Star DJ was Ofenbach. He did an amazing job. Also, I would like to address the fact that there was a small tribute to Avicii, one of the greatest DJ’s in the world. The second day people could enjoy a night out in Gianpula Club. DJ Timmy Trumpet was going to make this a night to remember. And for what I noticed, he definitely managed to do this. Café del Mar was the last stop of this four-day festival. Starting in the afternoon until late at night. Federico Scavo was chosen to wrap up the festival by playing music as special guest DJ in Café del Mar.

In case you missed this amazing experience, don’t worry. Maybe you will come next year! In the meantime, there are pictures and videos of the event available on our social media.

Morgan Strauwen
Social media manager

Posted on May 09, 2018